Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun has begun on the market - HTTPool &

HTTPool enters Romanian market as a full service online advertising network, following the market trends by bringing a combined approach to the Online Industry - full service agency & online advertising network. You can read the full story on Hotnews and a more detailed analysis on Doru Panaitescu’s blog. I met HTTPool’s CEO, Timotej, in Warsaw at the InternetCEE conference last november and he is a fun guy with a sound business focus and clear regional markets understanding. I was impressed that such a young guy can lead such a big operation, but I guess this is the way in the Online Industry. It’s funny that neither of the sources that bring us the news mention anything about Timotej.

Timotej Gala, Chief Executive at Httpool Internet Marketing Central and Eastern Europe (Balkan).

Timotej Gala is responsible for media-buying and Internet advertising operations in five CEE markets. Since 2003, when he joined the company, he has successfully positioned Httpool as the market leader in online marketing in South-East Europe. Furthermore, he actively promotes Internet marketing in the region presenting the latest trends and opportunities of online marketing through media and marketing events.


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